Our core values

Empathy and passion for people – We engage with people at a deep level. Whether observing and interviewing research participants, or working with fellow team members and clients, we are passionate about representing the human perspective in design to address various client challenges.

Continuous evaluation of products and experiences – We produce numerous prototypes to test insights, gather feedback through real-time experimentation and iterate designs on the go using CAD, a fully tooled workshop, an electronics lab, and a family of in-house developed 3D printers that we lovingly call Eone and E2.

Insights to design requirements – We easily translate insights into opportunity areas, and are super enthusiastic about working with teams and clients to design, develop, and iterate ideas.

Deep-dives into science and engineering – We take both very seriously and use our deep expertise in biology, physics, and engineering to research and implement cutting-edge materials, features, and systems.

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    Photo of Ecotonos team by the talented Ottawa-based photographer Dwayne Brown for the Ottawa Magazine, 2014
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    Learn about biology and 3D printing by turning a glowworm into your very own adult firefly!
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    Our UX Phone for UX Research and low-fidelity prototyping as seen on PixelUp!

How we think

We nerd out and dive into random research and design projects all the time!
Check out our blog for the latest updates and our store for new experimental products.