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Here's the feedback we got after conducting a workshop with 3rd/4th grade students of Churchill Alternative School, Ottawa. Seriously, our fireflies really enjoyed the comments of these brilliant young innovators! Our personal shout-out goes to Shauna Pollock – an outstanding teacher and a mentor whose progressive teaching methods led to us spending an hour with her students teaching them a bit about biology and 3D printing.

Firefly Workshop Feedback

  • I liked it when we painted!
  • I liked it when we got to make the fireflies into adult form and it was really cool to see the small boxes with the firefly and the larva. I also liked that we got to decorate the wings and fireflies with paint. They spoke really clearly and the slide show was really fun it was nice to learn about fireflies i enjoyed it!
  • I liked the painting. because we got to create colors in the paint and mix them
  • I liked when you showed us the 3d printer because shauna told me that anthony made it and I never saw a 3d printer doing something.
  • I liked it when we got to see the 3D printer work. It was really fun to paint the larva’s. I have never seen a 3D printer at work before.
  • I liked that we got to decorate it how ever we wanted to with all the colors and things we want to decorate it with.I also liked that they explained it really clearly and that they showed us the battery and they answered all our questions. And also they didn't ignore us at all.
  • I liked it when we made the Firefly’s and it was FUN: painting, getting the larva, and yea!!!
  • I liked that we got to see a 3d printer and I liked the 3D printer because it was so cool that Anthony made it and i never saw a 3D printer.
  • I liked how they brought in the 3D printer and let us watch it.
  • I liked it when we got to paint the fireflies.
  • I liked when the three d printer and the fireflies and I liked it when you got to show us a real firefly and the you taught us about fireflies.
  • I liked it when we got to paint the fireflies
  • I liked when we got to design the wings for our firefly’s 
  • I like it when we got to paint the firefly.
  • We made the fireflies!
  • I liked it when we paint the fire flies because I got to paint them. It was awesome but I did not get to finish but I still had so much fun.
  • I liked it when you brought 3d printer out to show us how you built the fireflies. 
  • I liked it when we made fireflies! 


February, 2015

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