Cassette Cleaner

Keeping your bike's cassette clean helps when shifting gears and allows for a smooth transition of power. This little tool digs into the grime between your gears with its three-dimensional teeth, pulling the grit away from the gears and locking it into the tool's pockets and teeth. 

How to:

  1. Place your bike on a maintenance stand or sit it upside down on its seat and handlebars. Make sure you can freely turn your pedals and spin the rear wheel.
  2. Shift your bike's gear to one edge as to free up the maximum gears to work on. You will later shift to the opposite end to clean the ones you miss in the first go.
  3. Using your cassette cleaner insert it between the two smallest gears and slowly turn your pedals as if you are biking. Starting with the smaller gears will allow you to get a feel for the tool and the cleaning process. Be aware that the tool can catch your bike's gears and pull the tool out of your hand or your hand towards the gears - so take things easy and safe. 
  4. As you clean the larger gear's drag, the tools end along the cassette's center to scope out the grit and grime while the larger teeth pull away the majority of the grime near the edge of the cassette.
  5. As grime builds up on the tool you can clean it out by simply wiping it with a rag. For a deep clean of the tool's pocketed teeth simply spray a garden hose into each tooth at a high pressure setting.
  6. Wash the oils off your hands and enjoy a nice ride.


We currently have two thicknesses of the tool available which are designed for the cassette spacing on our bikes. For our mountain bikes we use our 3.4mm tool and the 2.8mm is used on our hybrid bike cassettes. If the spacing on your bike is different you can select the custom thickness option and let us know the thickness you require in the order's comment section.