Custom Guitar Pick

We have developed a customizable, bio-sourced, hollow guitar pick which can be composted once it has seen enough rock.


Process advantages used in our guitar picks

  • Hollow Cavities: allow for the pick to use nearly half the material, creating a lighter pick with the same performance;
  • Layered: each guitar pick is produced by layering 0.01–0.05mm slices of the pick on top of one another. This allows for pick thicknesses to easily be produced at 0.05mm intervals;
  • Digital: a custom pick option will become available when the product reaches our store (Our digital store is on its way) in which you can upload a profile sketch of your perfect pick for production;
  • Custom: After the standard and custom profile picks are made available in our store, more complex picks can be developed driven by musicians preferences and 3D scans
  • Compostable: Our guitar picks are built layer by layer with PLA, and return to the earth once they have seen enough of the music scene. Once your pick is worn out simply place it into a composter and continue rocking out knowing that your old picks will safely biodegrade.


How to make it your own

We currently offer three types of customization: formal, structural and textural. If you want a custom profile to your pick and a defined thickness we can do this for you with the Form option. If a unique texture is on your mind me can also do that with our texture option. Finally if your wanting to mess with the picks internal structure we can modify the density and extrusion properties that make up the structural options.

We are currently working on a way for you to upload custom profiles right to the store and a design tool for other options such as density that you can select right from the store. In the mean time send us an email or social media message with your sketches, pictures, or Illustrator vectors.