Firefly Flashlight – DIY Toy

Learn about biology and 3D printing by turning a glowworm into your very own adult firefly! The bug comes from the capital of Canada – Ottawa. It has been created with biologically sourced and compostable PLA plastic on one of Ecotonos’s custom designed 3D printers. Its light source is a hand soldered LED bulb which is activated by tapping the firefly’s head. We hope you enjoy customizing and communicating with your firefly!

This kit includes:

  • glow-in-the-dark larva (105 cm X 4 cm)
  • flashlight assembly
  • common watch battery (CR2032)
  • wing templates
  • pipe-cleaners for legs, antennae and wings
  • educational pamphlet about fireflies and their signal patterns so you can communicate with other fireflies in the dark!


 Step 1 – Assemble the legs and the antennae


Step 2 – Decorate and assemble the wings


Step 3 – You can also paint your firefly!


Changing a battery – Pull the firefly's head out of the body and slide the battery out. Replace with the new one and the little guy is good for another season!