Go-Pro Hot-Shoe Mount: Tough Guy

Title: V2 - Tough Guy

Our second generation mount is much smaller and tougher than previous versions. It is not only cheaper but can also take some C-clamp abuse.

Using our latest Design for Digital Additive Manufacture guidelines and collaborating with photographer Andrew Dewar , Ecotonos is developing a new mount for photographers that wish to have a Go-Pro attached to their cameras.


Like all our products this mount uses renewable bio-plastics which can be composted at the end of their life, along with low energy consuming manufacturing techniques on our in-house developed 3D printers.

Why attach two cameras together you ask

By mounting a Go-Pro onto a DSLR's hot-shoe, this product aligns the images they capture; allowing a photographer to capture even more of the events they are are observing and documenting.

Never Miss a Moment

Time exists between shutter movements and is often what we fail to catch. We see the option of filming from the same perspective as your camera, as a great addition to events that a single shot might miss an important or interesting image; sure it might not be as crisp as your DSLR but it can capture that rare nature photo you might have missed while hiking, or that culturally significant moment at the next public event.

Displaying within the Larger Context

Another great addition is in creating films around photographs linking them together and allowing the display within the greater context of the event they are taken from.