Minimalist Sink

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This sink was originally created for the Avant Garde Bar which has been serving downtown Ottawa with drinks, local and international live music, and art for over a decade. This amazing venue can see large crowds from every sub-culture imaginable so on some nights the bathroom fixtures see their fair share of use and abuse, and must be easy to clean.

With this in mind the sink's pedestal is created with hand welded 1/8" thick steel angle iron and features a cultured marble top. The hardware used is purposely simple with ceramic cartridges to ensure a long and reliable life – however you may use whatever hardware you like.

The steel frame features a wide range of mounting holes on the wall side to accommodate stubborn stud placement, and has two adjustable feet on the human side to accommodate varied installation heights and uneven flooring. The frame can be left raw with a protective clear coat, painted black or a custom colour upon request.