UX phone for low-fi prototyping

Emma, Joakim, Ashley testing mobile designs with UX Phone
Photo: Taken by Emma Craig – UX Researcher at Shopify during mobile design sprint


We've developed the UX phone with the Shopify UX team to help with low-fi prototyping during early design stages. You can test various scrolling, sliding, dragging, and flicking gestures as well as the ergonomics of the UI and physical device with people before you commit to a particular design. 

We are making a limited number of UX phones for Beta testing customers. If you're an early adopter, now is the time to grab one!

More models coming soon (iPhone 6 Plus, Android Samsung, or if you would like us to make any particular one, just send us a note).


  • Model: iPhone 6 
  • Manufacturing method: 3D Printed
  • Material: PLA

Video: Imitating dragging and flicking on mobile


Video: Imitating scrolling on mobile